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National Conversation Project is mending the frayed fabric of America by bridging divides one conversation at a time. Host or join in-person and virtual conversations happening coast to coast. #ListenFirst

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Americans of all stripes and ~250 partner organizations are stepping up to address the universally felt crisis of division and dehumanization across differences. Together we can turn the tide of rising rancor and deepening division with widespread conversations in which we #ListenFirst to understand. National Conversation Project promotes annual National Weeks of Conversation, #ListenFirst Fridays, Rapid Response Conversations on urgent topics, locally-focused #ListenFirst movements, and any conversation inviting people to revitalize America together.

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Bridging Divides

75% of Americans say the way we interact with people across differences has reached a crisis level. There’s nothing wrong with passionate beliefs, disagreement, and protest, but it feels like something more dangerous is taking hold. Do you see it? Personally feel it? What’s changed? What can we do about it together? How we can bridge the divides that threaten our future?

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Conversations are happening coast to coast! You’re welcome to join an in-person or virtual conversation, or host your own conversation on any topic you like. Every Friday, elevate the #ListenFirst spirit and practice while being intentional about positively connecting with people you encounter. Share ideas and stories + #ListenFirst to encourage others to join you. Also explore our conversation resources and commit to #ListenFirst.

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Check out our customized resources for different types of organizations hosting conversations that bridge divides.


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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASESeptember 11, 2019 Contact: Pearce GodwinPhone: (828) 773-2586Email: Following Mass Shootings, #ListenFirst Coalition of 250 Organizations Is Providing Skills, Resources and Opportunities to Understand People of Different Perspectives on Guns and Move To Solutions Together. Americans of all stripes including political leaders are talking about guns in the aftermath of...

Nominate a Collaborator for the Civvys on #ListenFirst Friday – Caroline KlibanoffIf you’re in need of inspiration and hope, look past all that divides us to focus on the people bringing us together – the collaborators. The Civvys Awards are accepting nominations through Monday, July 15 at On this...

This post was contributed by Claire Pearce, Coach and Facilitator, for #ListenFirst Friday (June 21, 2019). Find out more about Claire's work here: I first discovered ‘free writing’ about five years ago when I was advised to attend a weekend course (‘Free writing’ is writing without stopping, not worrying about...

I will #ListenFirst to understand!