In the wake of multiple mass shootings, Americans are talking about guns. The #ListenFirst Coalition of ~250 organizations powering National Conversation Project are supporting those conversations by providing skills, resources and opportunities to listen first to understand people of different perspectives on this highly charged issue. Is there someone in your life with whom you’ve been curious to explore this topic? Invite them to join you!
#ListenFirst + #GunConvo


Guns & Responsibility

Guns, the second amendment, gun rights, and gun control are topics that often bring forth strong passions and opinions. A conversation that focuses on our own personal experience with guns and how these experiences have shaped our opinions can help us develop a deeper understanding of the opportunities and challenges surrounding gun ownership.

Conversation Guides

Guns and Responsibility + Optional Host Training (Living Room Conversations)
How Should We Prevent Mass Shootings In Our Communities? (National Issues Forums)
Conversation Cafe + Gun Prompts (National Coalition for Dialogue & Deliberation)
Journal Talks: Guns and Public Safety (Kansas Leadership Center)
Mental Health Matters: Promoting Good Mental Health in Our Communities (Interactivity Foundation)

Conversation Tips

Listen first to understand
Be curious and open to learning
Suspend judgement and extend grace
Maximize diversity of perspectives


Background & Resources

Should more gun control laws be enacted? Pros, cons, and related nonpartisan research. (
Articles and research on guns (Listen First Project)
Gun ControlGun Rights and Gun Violence as understood differently across the political spectrum (AllSides)
The Role of Guns in American Life (Essential Partners)
NCDD Resource Center: Gun Violence (National Coalition for Dialogue & Deliberation)
Latest news on Guns and Violence in America (AllSides)
Guns: More or Less, a Polarized Issue (Listen First Project)
Resources for Conversations on Guns IDed by NCDD Network (National Coalition for Dialogue & Deliberation)
Personally impacted by gun violence? Experience compassionate listening (Someone To Tell It To)


Guns and Responsibility Conversations

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