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Conversations are taking place around the first Friday of each month coast to coast! You’re welcome to join an in-person or virtual conversation, or host your own conversation on any topic you like. Also consider signing the #ListenFirst Pledge and explore our conversation resources.

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Host a Conversation

Want to host a conversation? Awesome - it's easy! You’re welcome to use any topic and format you like, or explore the popular topics and hosting resources below. Add your in-person or virtual conversation here, or by selecting your topic below then clicking the "add your conversation" button on the right side of each topic page. Once approved, your conversation will appear for others to join!

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Pledge to #ListenFirst

Each person who listens first to understand tips the scales toward a stronger future for our nation, one built on relationships created by conversation.

"I will listen first to understand and consider another's views before sharing my own. I will prioritize respect and understanding in conversation. And I will encourage others to do the same."

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Conversation Resources

NCP Sustaining Members have provided helpful resources to enhance your conversations. Check out the rich guides, tips, insights, wisdom, assessments, and training below.

Conversation Guides & Methods

NCP Picks:
Relationships First
United or Divided
Talking Politics

Explore more than 80 topical guides for casual conversations among four to six people, plus tips to create your own.

Guide for Conversations Across the Red-Blue Divide

Bridge geographic divides with a Mismatch online video conversation. Contact Julie.

Partner with one of 700+ professional facilitators in the NCDD network.

Conversation Tips

NCP Picks:
Listen first to understand
Be curious
Suspend judgement

Explore the Top 10 Tips for a Listen First Conversation

Explore LRC’s Conversation Agreements

Issue Insights

Explore thoroughly researched pro-con arguments for dozens of topics.

Burst your filter bubble with balanced issue news and a balanced dictionary of divisive terms.

#ListenFirst Wisdom

Listen First Academy: Learn more about the science of listening and what it means to #ListenFirst.

Personal Assessment

Take the ECHO Listening Profile to learn your listening style and how to best leverage it for personal and professional success. Contact Graham.

Personal Training

Attend Red-Blue Workshop Moderator Training and/or Skills Training. Contact Donna.

Attend workshops such as Introduction to Dialogue Across Differences, The Power of Dialogue, and Basic Facilitation Skills.