What’s Next U.S.?

Republicans, Democrats, Independents and others come together
across America to address our nation’s challenges.

November 16-18, 2018
This three day conversation event is part of and sponsored by the global SPEAK! campaign
around the International Day for Tolerance.

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National Conversation Project is partnering with civic organizations around the world for a global #TogetherWeSpeak campaign November 16-18 around the International Day for Tolerance. Describing SPEAK!, campaign developer CIVICUS says, "Never before has the world been so connected. And yet, as many of us look around our communities and countries, we seem increasingly divided... It's no longer enough to speak to those who already agree with us; if we want real change, we need to speak with those who don't agree with us." Indeed, the tide of rising rancor and deepening division is not limited to America. This conversation event follows another deeply polarizing election in the United States, so our theme is "What's Next U.S.?" We're encouraging Republicans, Democrats, Independents and others to come together across America to address our nation’s challenges. 

As during National Week of Conversation, we invite Americans of all stripes to host or join in-person or virtual conversations in which we #ListenFirst to understand. We also hope you'll invite someone of a different political leaning to join you! While participants are welcome to discuss any topic they like, NCP Conversation Champion Living Room Conversations has developed two new conversation guides for this event: What's Next U.S.? & Tolerance. Living Room Conversations will be hosting six virtual conversations on those two topics plus Immigration and Free Speech over the three days. You're welcome to use these special guides for your own in-person or virtual conversation as well!

See all scheduled conversations or add your own on the right side of this page. The first 30 hosts who add in-person conversations and request funding will receive $25 to provide food for their group. Email Pearce@NationalConversationProject.org.

Our flagship virtual conversations have unlimited capacity and will be broken into small groups in real-time following an introduction.

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