Jobs and the Economy

There are several complex questions at the heart of economic discussions, all of which are very personal for many people. Often an individual’s stance on any economic question comes down to which economic system they believe works the best overall or will benefit them the most. But that more fundamental question is often overlooked and replaced with more narrow questions such as these: Should the wealthy pay more in taxes than the middle class? Should the government cut spending rates to decrease the national debt? Should we raise the minimum wage?

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The Future of Work (Living Room Conversations)

The Opportunity Gap (Living Room Conversations)

Economic Vitality: How Can We Improve Our Communities? (National Issues Forums)

Jobs and the Economy Conversations

Wednesday, February 19, 2020 at 12:00 PM EST

Ideas at Work: Repairing Our Social Fabric with Better Angels

This February, the Center for the Study of Liberty is delighted to bring you a special conversation with John Wood, Jr. and April Lawson of Better Angels! Better Angels is a national citizens’ movement to reduce political polarization, yet their vision extends far beyond getting us all through the 2020 election. Is it possible to change the trajectory of our civic culture from one that divides us to one that unites us? Can we repair our torn social fabric and rebuild civil society?

Tune in to hear from the front lines of this movement. John and April will share their insights about the polarization we’re experiencing today, the influence of college campuses on our national dialogue, the importance of rebuilding our "emotional economy," and much more.

Join us for this can’t-miss discussion about a new vision of unity in America and how each of us can repair connections in our own communities. The event is free, but advanced registration is required. Register here today.