Race & Justice

Racism and gaps among racial and ethnic groups affect education, housing, jobs, health care, and the justice system. This conversation topic is a chance to explore our experience of race and equity. Where are we and what do we aspire to for ourselves and our community?

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Race & Justice Conversations

Saturday, January 11, 2020 at 06:00 PM CST
Fisk University in Nashville, TN

The Black Man Project in Nashville, TN

Last month, filmmaker Brian Ellison, anthropologist Marlon Hall, and sculptor Anthony Suber launched a series of conversations focused on the black male experience in contemporary society called "The Black Man Project." Curated by Hall, the dinner series features a moving sculpture created by Suber with conversation centered around a documentary directed by Ellison, UnMASKulinity, debuting next year.

After a day spent in each community shooting for the film, the organizers host a confluence of 16 men from a variety of backgrounds in a recorded environment of listening and learning. Travis McPhail, the Engineering Lead for Maps SDK at Google, is working alongside the group to help identify men to participate in the discussion.

The group, along with other experts in the arts and education, will create a curriculum to accompany the dinner series aiming to empower communities to continue the conversation long after the dinner is over. According to Mental Health America, Black men are particularly conscious of stigma when it comes to seeking help from an expert such as a psychologist.

The events are hosted by The Black Man Project and funded in part by grants from the John Steven Kellet Foundation and the City of Houston through the Houston Arts Alliance.