Race & Justice

Racism and gaps among racial and ethnic groups affect education, housing, jobs, health care, and the justice system. This conversation topic is a chance to explore our experience of race and equity. Where are we and what do we aspire to for ourselves and our community?

Conversation Guides

Race and Ethnicity (Living Room Conversations)

Bridging the Racial Divide (Civic Dinners)

Race and Incarceration (Living Room Conversations)

Exploring the Impact of Skin Color (Everyday Democracy)

Police-community Relations (Living Room Conversations)

Safety & Justice: How Should Communities Reduce Violence? (National Issues Forums)

Release and Recidivism (Living Room Conversations)

Status and Privilege (Living Room Conversations)



Articles and research on race (Listen First Project)

Racial InequityEqualityWhite Privilege and Racism/Racist as understood differently across the political spectrum (AllSides)

Latest news on Inequality and Civil Rights (AllSides)


Race & Justice Conversations

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