What's #ListenFirstFriday?

Every Friday, National Conversation Project, powered by over 350 organizations, elevates the #ListenFirst spirit and practice with #ListenFirstFriday. We encourage and equip all to make a special effort at least once a week to positively connect across differences with folks they naturally encounter on Friday or in more intentional conversations that welcome people of diverse perspectives. Experts say the solution to the current crisis of social polarization is to cultivate more positive social connections between individuals. Friday is a great day to foster new connections, share stories of conversations earlier in the week, and consider opportunities to #ListenFirst over the upcoming weekend. #ListenFirstFriday is a weekly spark toward bridging divides, building better relationships in our daily lives, and mending the frayed fabric of America.

Positively connect with people you encounter by listening first to understand. Have intentional conversations that welcome people of diverse perspectives. Share stories and ideas + #ListenFirst & #ListenFirstFriday to encourage others to join you.


#ListenFirstFriday Inspirations

Each #ListenFirstFriday features an inspiring video message from a supporter of this movement, such as those below. We'd love to add your voice to the growing chorus of #ListenFirst champions working to mend the frayed fabric of America. If you'd like to be a #ListenFirstFriday Inspiration, please send your video to Graham@ListenFirstProject.org. Detailed invitation here