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The next generation of leaders join other students in their classrooms or across the country for enriching conversations.

The technological transformation which has contributed to increasing polarization and siloing throughout society, most acutely impacts those who engage technology the most, often young people. It’s more important than ever to teach the next generation how to reach beyond these filter bubbles and have fresh conversations with people who may disagree or have different backgrounds and perspectives. Today’s students are developing the habits that will define American culture for decades to come. Intellectually curious conversations characterized by listening first to understand can be a cornerstone of that future if we offer students those opportunities and skills today. Explore ideas for schools below then get involved in National Conversation Project by hosting conversations at your school or by virtually connecting with classrooms across the country!

Ideas for Schools

Make the most of your conversations by exploring our guides, tips, insights, wisdom, assessments, and training in Conversation Resources. Additional ideas for schools are outlined below. Don't forget to add your conversation!

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