Host Conversations

The noble missions of nonprofits are fueled by conversations that drive awareness and understanding.

Nonprofit work is often focused on people, either as the object of the mission or the energy to achieve it. Relationships on which nonprofit work hinges are enhanced by conversations. Conversations raise awareness of the cause and build coalitions of support. Conversations prioritizing understanding amongst the wide diversity of a nonprofit’s stakeholders move the work forward. Explore ideas for nonprofits below then get involved in National Conversation Project by hosting conversations among your supporters or with stakeholders!

Ideas for Nonprofits

Make the most of your conversations by exploring our guides, tips, insights, wisdom, assessments, and training in Conversation Resources. Additional ideas for nonprofits are outlined below. Don't forget to add your conversation!

  • Engage Supporters: Take a brief break from the mission to build relationships, understanding, and shared vision among your supporters through conversations related to your mission or on another topic altogether.

  • Reach stakeholders: Invite your stakeholders, the broader community, and even opponents to join you in conversations that could move your mission forward.

  • Build Coalitions: Host conversations among related organizations to build a broader coalition for your cause. 

  • Drive post-conversation action: Many people will emerge from conversations across the country excited to translate the spirit of National Conversation Project into action. Provide opportunities for them to do so. Contact Pearce to invite NCP participants to join your post-conversation actions. 

  • Self-guided Conversations: Provide space and conversation guides for your supporters to engage in rich yet casual conversations.

  • Facilitated Conversations: Want to bring a professional facilitator to your organization? Partner with one of 700+ facilitators in the NCDD network.

  • Virtual Conversations: Bridge geographic divides by connecting your supporters with those of other nonprofits across the nation. Coordinate with Julie then point supporters to where they can sign up for a virtual conversation.