Better Angels Debate in Durham

This is a parliamentary style debate. It is more like a structured conversation with many sides. Anyone may speak or ask questions.

You can watch two short videos about Better Angels Debates at

At this point, we need your help in choosing a topic. You'll find six different topics at

For each of the six topics or--as we say when debating--resolutions, you'll be asked to rate how much you care about it, whether you support or oppose it, and whether you'd be willing to speak about it at the debate.

Your answers to this poll will help us choose a resolution that evokes passion, and is likely to split the group with 50% in favor, and 50% opposed. If everyone agrees, it isn’t much of a debate!

YOU ARE REQUIRED TO FILL OUT THIS POLL in order to participate in the debate. The address will be sent to you after you've completed the poll and registered.

Once you've finished the poll, please click on the Register button.

Questions? Contact Laura Gilliom at

November 19, 2019 at 7pm - 9pm Eastern Time (US & Canada)
Register ( to receive address.
Durham , NC
United States
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