Better Angels Day-long Red/Blue Workshop-Dayton,OH

What is a Red/Blue Workshop?

5-8 Republican-leaning citizens (“Reds”) and 5-8 Democratic-leaning citizens (“Blues”) gather together for a half-day or full-day of structured conversations.  Independents are also welcome to attend. We only ask that for the purposes of the workshop they identify as leaning either Red or Blue, or attend as observers.

There are two types of Red/Blue workshops: 3-hour workshops that cover two exercises, and 6-hour plus lunch workshops that cover all four exercises. We recommend that people attend the 6-hour version if possible.

Two moderators, trained by Better Angels, lead the workshop, ensuring that ground rules are followed and that everyone is treated respectfully.

Contact Steve Makofka ( or Linda A Marshall ( for exact location. Enter the building through the North Entrance off the parking lot. tickets-73513764649

for more on Red/Blue workshops, visit

November 02, 2019 at 12pm - 3pm Eastern Time (US & Canada)
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